Ten steps to Create a Boutique Hotel Bedroom

September 16, 2023 0 Comments

Who wouldn’t want to feel as though they are staying at a luxurious hotel every day of their lives? Imagine slipping between crisp Egyptian cotton sheets and laying your head on the softest,Ten steps to Create a Boutique Hotel Bedroom Articles fluffiest pillow imaginable. That blissful feeling akin to floating on a cloud softly supported as you drift off to sleep. In the morning you awake from your decadent slumber refreshed, alert and energised yet at the same time relaxed, swing your feet out of your luxury bed onto the plush deep pile carpet and pad across your beautiful room ready for whatever the day can throw at you.

The Boutique Hotel Bedroom is always well designed and thought through. Think of all the hotels you have visited and whilst the decor of the rooms may differ the underlying core design elements remain the same. No matter what your budget this look can be achieved in your own home. Remember the top hotels employ vast teams of experienced designers and all we have to do is follows their rules to recreate the Boutique Hotel 룸알바 feel at home.

1. The Boutique Bed


1. Chateau Scroll Wallpaper in Black (B&Q) 2. Brass Chandelier 3. Gilded Zebra Rug 4. Boutique Bed 5. Boutique Style Chaise

The bed has to be the starting point of your Boutique Bedroom, the rest of the design should flow around this central piece. The bed should take centre stage; after all it is the focal point of the room. What’s the first thing we do on entering our hotel room? Try out the bed of course! The room will have been designed to direct you to the bed, it will be the first thing you focus on and the impression it gives should be ‘wow’. Choose a statement bed, preferably upholstered to add a feeling of luxury and go for the largest size that your room can accommodate. Choose a bed that you can’t pass by without wanting to sit on it. Don’t forget about the mattress, spend as much as you can on this one item as ultimately however stunning the end design is, all will have been in vain if your mattress doesn’t offer the support and level of comfort required.